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Soentoo is a lightweight distribution based on Gentoo which is to be run on a Soekris net4801 (or similar) embedded system.


->  Soentoo: Release - 2007-04-09

Released Soentoo 0.07 which now works completely with latest Gentoo distibutions (i586-2006.1), most recent kernel ( and also can be used on a native x86_64 (AMD64) system.

->  Soentoo: Homepage/Release - 2005-08-17

Reorganized the homepage and guestbook and released Soentoo 0.04. I hope you like it.

->  Soentoo: Homepage - 2004-12-19

The homepage is now fully XHTML 1.1 compliant. Update to Soentoo (0.04) is on the way...

->  Soentoo: Homepage - 2004-11-22

I completely reorganized the homepage. Hope you like the new design!